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Removes 99.95% of PM0.1,
more than other purifiers.¹
Circulates with Air Multiplier™ technology.

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Air isn’t just moved – it’s amplified. No blades, no choppy air.

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Fan heaters

Fast, even room heating and powerful personal cooling. From one machine.

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Features of all Dyson fans and fan heaters

  • Safe and stable Dyson fan

    Safe and stable

    With no fast-spinning blades, Dyson fans and fan heaters are safe. They’re stable too – the motor is mounted in the base, so unlike others, they’re not top heavy.

  • Easy to clean Dyson fan

    Easy to clean – no fiddly grille

    There aren’t any blades, so there isn’t a fiddly safety grille either. This makes Dyson fans and fan heaters quick and easy to clean.

  • Oscillation Dyson fan


    Airflow can be directed around a room – an independent motor drives smooth oscillation.

  • Dyson touch tilt fan

    Touch tilt – no clamping

    Dyson fans and fan heaters pivot on their own centre of gravity, tilting with just one touch. They’re not top-heavy, so they stay put without clamping.

  • Precise control using a dimmer switch

    Precise control

    Dyson fans have a dimmer switch that precisely controls airflow, and with Dyson fan heaters, target temperature can be set to the degree.

  • 2 Year Guarantee

    2 year guarantee

    All Dyson fans come with a 2 year guarantee, parts and labour.

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"Engineers look for improvement. 30 years ago, we began developing cyclone vacuum technology. More recently, hand dryers using high-pressure sheets of air instead of heat. Now our attention has turned to fans."