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Powerful light precisely where you need it.

Task lighting with Heat pipe technology to cool LEDs.

A dark empty office highlighting the high level of illumination of the CSYS task light.

Good light for work

Task lighting provides localised illumination for specific tasks. It only provides a high level of illumination over the areas where it's needed. Other areas, used for break-out and storage, require far less illumination.
Light isn't wasted, so energy and costs are saved.

CSYS™ task lights are available in two different colour temperatures.

Powerful warm white task light. Engineered for use in a relaxing space.

2700k CSYS™ task lights

Luminous flux (lumens): 650

Illuminance (lux): 648

Efficacy (lm/W): 54

LED life (hours): 144,0001 

Available in desk, clamp and floor variants.

Powerful cool white task light.
Engineered for the office environment.

4000k CSYS™ task lights

Luminous flux (lumens): 800

Illuminance (lux): 808

Efficacy (lm/W): 70

LED life (hours): Up to 144,0001 

Available in desk and clamp variants only.

Which colour temperature best suits your needs?

Warm white light can create a relaxing, homely guest environment. CSYS™ task lights give hotel guests powerful warm white light. They can position it precisely where it’s needed, to suit working and reading.

Cool white light can create an office-like environment. CSYS™ 4K task lights provide 25% more light on the task plane than the original CSYS™ task light.


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Heat pipe technology.
See how it all comes together.

3 Axis Glide™ motion

You can position the light exactly where you need with just the touch of a fingertip. It moves vertically, horizontally and through 360° rotationally.

Heat Pipe technology

Heat is drawn away from the LEDs using technology typically found in satellites. It's dissipated through an aluminium heat sink, which forms the light's horizontal arm.

High power LEDs

Eight LEDs provide powerful light for up to 144,000 hours.1 

Glare control

Each LED is fixed in position and housed in a conical reflector to help reduce glare.

Precision dimming

CSYS™ task lights have touch-sensitive, continuous dimming. So you can adjust them to exactly the level of light you need. The dimmer has a memory, so when you switch the light back on it's exactly how you left it.

Jake and quote

"Other designers have made attempts to cool LEDs. But it's not enough. The vast potential of this technology remained unrealised. We knew there had to be a better way."

Jake Dyson

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Dyson lighting has all these benefits

Powerful LED light.

Precise position and control.

Sustained LED brightness.

Surpasses office lighting standards.

Can reduce energy and maintenance costs.

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Useful information

Available in:
- Black / Silver
- Black / Black
- White / Silver

LED colour temperature:
- Warm white (2700K)
- Cool white (4000K)

Available in:
- Black / Silver
- Black / Black

LED colour temperature:
- Warm white (2700K)
- Cool white (4000K)

Available in:
- Black / Silver
- Black / Black

LED colour temperature:
- Warm white (2700K)